Google maps is one the best tools for getting route map for visiting a particular location. It will provide you different ways to reach a destination depending on distance as well as traffic conditions. But in certain situations, the routes suggested by Google maps might not be perfect and we have to ask our friends [...]


Want to virtually paint your face with flag of your favourite team of Fifa world cup? Download an App called Flag Face from iOS app store or Google paly store which lets you paint your face with flag from over 40 countries.


Batch Convert Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint,Excel to PDF files

June 23, 2014

If you want to convert Word file to PDF, preferred method will be to open word file in MS Office and then convert to PDF. But when there are many word files, it when there are too many files to convert, it would be a problem. Convert multiple Microsoft Office Word or Powerpoint files into [...]

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Play Flappy Bird On Browser

February 12, 2014

After the creator of Flappy bird decided to take down his popular game from App store, there are many clones of flappy bird popping out in all platforms. Those who have installed the game can still enjoy playing while other have to look for app clones from store. Other option which is available for all [...]

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How to Disable Automatic Screen Brightness in Sony Vaio Ultrabook

October 14, 2013

After using the Sony Vaio Ultrabook P13 for more than a month, I found a strange problem when running in battery. The screen tries to automatically adjust the brightness every now and then. In this post, I’ll show you how to disable automatic screen brightness control in Sony Vaio Ultrabook Pro 13 or Pro 11.

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How to Revert back Chrome’s New Tab Page

September 29, 2013

With the new update for Google chrome, they have made less appealing changes to it’s new tab page. A big Google logo with search box in the centre of the screen and recently closed websites below the box, Chrome’s new tab page looks just frustrating. I normally used new tab page for accessing the chrome [...]

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Create Shortcut Key to LAN Settings

September 24, 2013

If you’re working on different proxy settings for your work and home, you need to always switch between them by going to IE> Tools> Internet options > Connections > LAN Settings > Proxy. But instead of digging through this setting always, it’s possible to create a shortcut key to LAN settings on your desktop by [...]

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Install Leaked BBM app on iOS Without Jailbreak

September 23, 2013

The release of Blackberry messenger for Android and iOS got delayed due to some quality issues with the app. The app was released for a short duration but got pulled before the global release schedule. The BBM app which got leaked for iOS can be installed on iphone without jailbreaking. Checkout the rest of the [...]

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How to Add Picture Password for Windows 8

April 29, 2013

As we all know, Windows 8 is all about features and style. But are you making out the most out of its style? To show off your windows 8, there are many features available which are totally different from previous windows version known to us. Picture password with gestures is one among those features that [...]

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