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Error Message: “Windows – No Disk. There is no disk in the drive”

Error Message: “Windows – NoDisk. There is no disk in the drive.Please insert a disk into drive. Cancel.Try Again. Continue.”


In the case of this bizarre error message, the reader should first suspect a malware infection. I recommendthe reader run a full systemscan using up-to-date antispyware andantivirus software. If that doesn’twork, the reader should examine the antivirus software itself; this error isknown to occur if an antivirus utilityis configured to scan removable media(such as a floppy diskette or recordabledisc) during the boot routine.The reader should refer to the usersmanual and configure the antivirussoftware so that it doesn’t attempt toscan removable media during bootup.

Another reason the error messagemay appear is if the Windows startup routine tries to load a program that exists on a removable storage drive. Thereader can pinpoint such a program byopening the Start menu, selecting Run,typing msconfig in the Open field, andclicking OK. On the General tab of theSystem Configuration Utility, the reader should select the Selective Startup option and deselect all of the suboptions(except Use Original BOOT.INI)beneath it. He then should click OKand reboot. If the PC boots fine, he should return to the System ConfigurationUtility and load one commandline at a time during subsequent bootupsuntil the particular cause is identified.(For more details, see support.microsoft.com/kb/310353.) Afterfinding the source, the reader should uninstall the problematic program.