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Plug Your V Into USB -Call Any Phone Over The Internet With A V-Phone

The world is your telephone. If you tend to rack up cell phone minutes, yet you carry a laptop or you’re near Windows computers most of the time, the V-Phone may save you big bucks.

Next time you need to make a call, leave your cell phone in your pocket. Instead, plug your V-Phone into a Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP system’s USB port, and a headphone/microphone headset into the side of the V-Phone. The PC will need a broadband connection; dial-up won’t be fast enough.

The V-Phone looks like a USB drive because it is: A 256MB model will give you about 233MB of storage space. The neat part is that software preloaded on the V-Phone will automatically run, letting you make cheap calls to virtually any phone around the world. If your V-Phone isn’t plugged in when someone calls you at its number, the V-Phone’s voice mail (accessible from any phone) will take the message. Convenient features include call and 911 forwarding, an address book, conference calling, caller ID, call waiting, and many others.

Calling plans start at $14.99 per month plus fees and tax, and there’s an activation fee of $29.99 minus a $20 instant rebate in effect at this writing. International calls may cost extra. One major drawback is that if you’re already a Vonage customer, you can’t simply use the V-Phone with your existing account and phone number. You’d have to pay for a second account (no discount) and have a second phone number, just as if you were Joe Schmo instead of a loyal customer. However, when you sign up, you can choose your own n….