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Latest Rapidshare free Trick July 2007

Hey guys just use this great tool to crack/bypass waiting limit at rapidshare.com like a premium user before they stop you.

RapidHacker2.5Final.rar  GET IT NOW!

The rapidshare link of the download file should be given in the top as shown above.Then hit the GO! button and download like a premium user without waiting time.

Use the proxy list i have checked and feed in the IP Spoofer window as shown below.

RapidHacker2.5Final.rar  DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Get another instance of rapidhacker and get the next file after clearing the cookies by hitting Delete Cookies button.

You can check whether your proxy is working by using Check Proxy.If it’s not working the select next proxy and hit Spoof Ip! button.Otherwise comment here I will help you.

RapidHacker2.5Final.rar  DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Any updates could be found here GO!

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Comment here with your mail id if you have any trouble.

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