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Send orkut scraps from your mobile

To send a scrap from your mobile of any kind (Nokia,SE,LG etc..) there are two methods

First method

This method is mainly useful for lower editions phones like Nokia S40 and similar other phones without opera.But this trick is also available for other models also.

Go to www.t9space.com and open orkut link from there .Sign in to your Google account and enjoy mobile orkutting.You can also open other sites which are listed there or if you know the site address enter it below and surf freely from your mobile phone.
This  site works with all most all most models like s40[tested in nokia 3100] ,s60 ,n70………

You can scrap,add friend,join community,accept friend to community,send message by just simply clicking the link.

There was another useless and tiresome method using the opera  with a long java code but some times even after clicking the codes often only blank pages are visible, more over opera mini is not working with many of the poular phone models…

You can dowload latest Netfront,Opera,OperaMini and other cool mobile stuffs here. Download!

With T9Space you can also enter Orkut.com, Hi5.com, MySpace.com, Bebo.com, Facebook.com,IMDb.com,Wikipedia.org,craigslist.org,Bizrate.com,Xanga.com,
AnywhereCD.com,MP3Tunes.com,Traffic.com etc…

Second Method

Second method is for those who can use Opera symbian edition.(S60 1st,2nd and 3rd edition)

Download the suitable opera for your mobile here.Open Opera and go to www.orkut.com. Press the #key and * key or disable the ‘Fit to Screen’ option in opera.This is for the login screen to appear for orkut. Login to your account and for replying your scraps press the reply button and enter your messge.Then stop the browser from loading and take the option ‘Find in Page’ in opera.Type po in the find box and you can see po highlighted in the post reply button.Now click that link and you will be able to reply to the scrap from your mobile phone.

Similarly you can add friends,send friend requests and click on any link on Orkut through your mobile phone.

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