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Chitika premium publisher program launched

Chitika have launched a premium publisher program in the last week. Chitika new interface

Chitika publishers will now fit one of three categories – Silver – Gold and Premium.

Each level has it’s own privileges


  • Higher Rev Share
  • CPM and PPC ads (get paid for impressions as well as clicks)
  • Real time Auditing (no more waiting til the end of the month)
    Dedicated Account Manager
  • Custom Ad Units 
  • Instant Chat with your account Rep
  • Account Overview Reports (monthly)
  • Customized backup categories
  • Chitika Premium Publisher Badge 
  • Spots as a guest blogger on Chtiika’s blog

Do you have the qualification

  • You have used Chitika ads consistently and made at least $1000 over the past 90 days(OR)
  • You have a proven high-quality of traffic based on the feedback of our advertisers.