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Watch Youtube,Google videos on your mobile

avdAvot mV is one the latest free application which allows users to watch their favorite online videos on mobile phone.Now a days there are a number of online video sharing websites which contains billions of  interesting videos.Avot mV is a unique video search solution for mobile phone users to watch these videos and is currently in Beta public testing.

Youtube  google video mobile  This application works on a range of more than 70 different mobile phones.Supported devices lists are given here.Currently, Avot mV supports Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and Smartphone mobile devices.

All you need to do is to download a small program(client)from the Avot Media website or go to Avot mobile site in your mobile browsers.

Moreover this application allows its users to organize the web videos in the playlist and watch them on the go. The user can create/add unlimited number of playlists and manage videos on the mobile device.

Youtube  google video mobileWhat makes this one of the best solution for watching online streaming videos is that it does not require any video transcoding.It provides direct streaming from the original content which results in high quality audio/video output.

Avot Media have created a patented codec on the mobile client allow streaming videos to overcome network latency and bandwidth limitations.It also understands multiple file types and video sharing sites.

Before having a go into this application you may see the demo videos from youtube for better understanding.You may also checkout the Avot Blog for latest updates on the services and releases.

So nothing more to wait ,go to AvotMedia mobile site and start watching your most favourite video clips on the go.