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Check your website screenshots in different browsers in 2 minutes

If you have a website, did you ever wonder how your website would look like in another browser ? It is not that practicable to download and install all browsers that you have to use to test your site. Sure, you could install the most used versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera but what about previous versions ? What about browsers in another Operating System ? This is essential for many webmasters especially for business related websites.
Well, without the hassle of installing various browsers, you could just head over to the website Browsershots. Simply insert your URL into the form and select which the browsers that you want to see your site in. You can check almost 40 different browsers that run on the operating systems Windows and Linux. Most browsers are run using Linux and only the Internet Explorer is run using Windows.

Browser screenshot vista many

There are also some configuration options such as screen resolution, color depth, JavaScript and other setting you could enable if you want to check how your site looks with Javascript disabled or with a screen resolution of 1600×1200. When you click the submit button, your requests will be added to the queue. It will take a while before your screenshots will be uploaded, depending on your settings.

At this point, it would be wise to either bookmark the page or leave it open and refresh it later to be able to view the screenshots that are created once the queue is processed. It can take up to some hours depending on the queue and the settings that you have selected.

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  • Anonymous March 24, 2009, 11:22 pm

    2 minutes…. or Half an hour?