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Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo!: Google’s too high for them!!

yahoo_microsoft_google Hot talks are going on about Microsoft’s proposed buyout of Yahoo!. Unable to topple Google Inc. on its own, Microsoft Corp. is trying to force crippled rival Yahoo Inc. for nearly $42 billion.Google,the Internet search giant has its own ways to tackle this situation.According to alexa,the web information company the traffic ranking for google,yahoo and microsoft are :


The stock graph comparison for the past year with Google tells its own story: Yahoo stock down 40%, Google’s pretty much steady despite all the shakes in the market.


Microsoft was reported to have approached to bid Yahoo! last year,but was denied since Yahoo was not interested.Microsoft has posted a press release with the text of the letter that Microsoft sent to Yahoo!’s Board of Directors on January 31, 2008.

As more people access services and computer programs online instead of relying on packaged software applications, Microsoft must come with something new for its users.

Search engines are crucial tools because they have become a central hub in hugely profitable ad networks.Advertisers around the world are expected to double their spending on the Internet during the next three years as more people get their news and entertainment on the Web instead of television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

Microsoft kills Yahoo Yahoo office inside

Its more likely that Microsoft will buy Yahoo! Inc.But what will be the situation next? What will happen to our own Yahoo mail  if Bill Gates and his monster corp get hold of it.Will we now have to sign in with Microsoft Passport on all of the Yahoo sites?What about Yahoo messenger? Will OpenId still be in Yahoo’s plans?  And what will happen with all of the Linux developers and sysadmins there?

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  • Anonymous July 21, 2008, 9:23 pm

    Yahoo are owned mainly by Mafia, I’m surprised anyone wants them. http://endmafia.com

  • Anonymous August 6, 2008, 9:56 pm

    yahoo are largely owned by mafia http://endmafia.com
    with a bit of luck they’ll be gone in a year