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Control your Bittorrent Downloads Remotely From Facebook

Facebook application (via TorrentFreak) from morrent allows you to remotely control and manage your torrents even if you are away from your Desktop computer.You can also add new torrents from your favourite torrent sites inside Facebook.

This Facebook application lists all the torrents that are loaded in uTorrent, including statistics such as the current upload and download speed of each file. Once the application is installed, you can remotely start, stop, delete, add, and even search torrents, no matter where you are inside your own Facebook.

An excellent installation instruction have been provided here which provides step by step procedure.Also you can set up uTorrent’s WebUI to remote control your torrents.

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  • jim tick May 24, 2008, 9:51 am

    Wow……torrents inside facebook…do we need to forward port to do that?