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Find and Crawl E-Mail Address from Clipboard or Files

Checkout this Handy tool Email Address Extract which allows you to Extract Email address from files and Windows Clipboard.It could be very much useful for finding out any email address from any database and also could be used for sending bulk emails to all those members.

        Email address extract

Clipboard email extraction allows you to copy portions of web pages onto the Clipboard and pick up Email address out of it. An Email address grabbed, after checking duplication, will be added to the existing address list.

You should first install the program and all you need to do is point it at a folder on your hard drive and select the file type that should be crawled.This small tool could also be used for spamming purposes as well.The Email address collection can be saved to a file or copied onto Clipboard which may be used by other Email automatic tools.

Download Email Address Extract (WIN 95/98/2000/NT) via StumbleUpon

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