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Rapidshare WebSite Relaunch !

Rapidshare,the ultimate file sharing website is going to launch a new website soon with much more improved site design and usability.But does it offer anything for free users.The only thing we want to know is about the captchas..(will the cats come again!!)


rapidshare new website


“With 240 Gigabit/s of Internet connectivity and 4.5 Petabytes of storage, RapidShare is one of the biggest and fastest web hosters world wide” with the worst CAPTCHAS i’ve ever seen.

Let’s hope that we get much more happy hours from them….

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  • priya June 6, 2008, 4:13 am

    rapidshare have reduced the happy hours…….usually happy hours where during the morning every day..but now i haven’t seen it once.