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Backup Drivers and Restore them after Installing Windows

Double Driver allows you to view which drivers are installed in your system and you can make a list of it and choose which all drivers you need to backup.This windows only software is useful especially when you find it difficult to find drivers for the hardware installed in your laptop. 

Backup drivers

If you need to format and reinstall your operating system in your laptop and you don’t have any driver CD’s for the hardware installed like Bluetooth,Sound Card etc just follow these steps.

Run Double Driver software and hit the scan button.It will list all the drivers present in your system within seconds and you can backup all the drivers necessary.Do all the things you need to do(format , reinstall O.S…blah..blah).Then Restore the drivers by selecting the .inf file created while backing up.

Download Double Driver 1.42 MB (Windows only) via ghacks

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