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Demonoid.com Opens Free Registrations Without Invitation

Demonoid.com registrations are now open.You can register your free Demonoid.com account for free without invitations.It has been now more than 10 hours they have opened free registration.So register quickly and get your account from Demonoid.

demonoid registration free

It seems like the ISP’s in countries like India have banned this site since many of them are getting a blank page opened or getting some sort of error messages like “Internal server error”.Don’t worry.Just goto anonymouse.org and type in the url http://www.demonoid.com/register.php and register your Demonoid account freely.Use your gmail id (hotmail and yahoo seems to block it) while registering.They will send you the activation email instantaneously and don’t click on that since you might get a blank page again.Just do the same procedure you did before that is to copy the activation link and paste it in the anonymouse.org ,hit enter and you will get your account activated.Still if you are not able to register then leave comment since I’ve registered a few spare ones.

Activated demonoid.com

If your ISP has not blocked Demonoid then goto this page and register FAST!

Register your free demonoid.com account here: http://www.demonoid.com/register.php (thanks Raymond for notifying me)

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