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Google Pagerank Update July 2008

increase-google-pagerank-boxGoogle Pagerank update has been started from July 24 onwards.Last pagerank update occurred at the end of April this year.At this time you can see the difference in pagerank values across all the datacentres of google,because pagerank update is under progress and after all the data centres have been updated you can see them live on your google toolbar.

I know that there is no point in talking about pagerank or as Maki said ‘PR is simply just a webmaster fetish’.As you can see now that many webmasters are crying over Google PR and not focused in building their content.If you are using your pagerank for building profits and one day if you see a big PR 0 in your rankings then you are all lost.

google pagerank comic cartoon

I think that the only thing you should really focus is about your ranking in search engines and not the pagerank. If you check there are many sites at the top with low pagerank, and it means that pagerank is not important when we talk about “ranking in Google search results”.Perhaps I just don’t care, though, because my PR was unaffected. 🙂

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