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Mozilla Releases Mobile Firefox Alpha- Fennec

fennec_logo Mozilla has just released the first mobile version of Firefox and for now its named Fennec.Since this is an alpha version of Firefox mobile,it will currently run only on Nokia N810 internet tablet and will be soon available for Windows Mobile.In future, there is a pretty good chance of naming this browser as Firefox Mobile and that will be most probably on the release of Firefox Mobile 1.0.

Don’t own an N810?Never mind.You can still try it by installing a version of Fennec on your desktop PC.

To run Fennec on Windows, just download and unzip an 8MB file given above and click on Fennec.exe.That’s it..you are having Fennec on your Windows.

Notable Features of Fennec Alpha Edition

  • Bookmarks, including tags
  • Smart URL bar ("awesome bar")
  • Tabbed browsing with thumbnail images
  • Popup blocker
  • Searchable download manager