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Run Linux Live CDs On Windows with MobaLiveCD

image Are you checking out a method on how to run Linux Live CD ‘s from Windows without re-booting and without burning ISOs into CDs.Then you can look out for a program called MobaLiveCD which will run your Linux Live CD within Windows without the need to burn the Live CD ISO into CD and then boot into it.

MobaLiveCD is a free program which will run your Linux LiveCD on Windows in emulation mode with the help of an emulator Qemu.You can also look out for the smallest Linux (Damn Small Linux), which is a free download that fits inside less than 50MB and makes your job much easier.If you are looking out to learn Linux then this would be a better idea.Last year we also made an entry about running Linux applications in Windows with Xming.Check that too!.Now we can look how to install MobaLiveCD in simple steps.

How to Install Linux Live CD on Windows

MobaLiveCD is a single executable of 1.4 mb and does not need to be installed.Simply unzip and run from anywhere (including a USB).


You can also integrate MobaLiveCD in the Windows Explorer so that you will just have to right-click on an ISO image file in order to launch MobaLiveCD.


MobaLiveCD features:

  • No need to burn the CD-Rom.
  • You can use the right-click menu for quick start.
  • Program needs no installation so that you can start from an USB stick.
  • A clear and easy to use interface.
  • Light and portable application, packaged in a single executable of 1.6MB only.

Download MobaLiveCD from the homepage for the latest version.

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  • Rajasekaran December 3, 2008, 3:08 pm

    Thanks for letting me know this software to run Linux live CDs.