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Best Software Recommendations From Gadget Advisor

image Technology and Gadget news are the most discussed and never ending topics in the blogosphere.So it’s pretty difficult for us to have enough sources to get gadget news and technology updates under one roof.Blogs like Engadget and Techcrunch are some of my favorites in this area.Few days back I got to know about a site called Gadget Advisor ,which focus on products and news that are the most significant, useful or particularly cool.What I found interesting with them is that they don’t clutter their site with unwanted or useless products.It seemed to me like they only have products which are hand picked as a "best of the best" resource for computer hardware, software, gadgets, and tech news.


Gadget Advisor mainly concentrate on Gadgets,Tech News,Computer hardware and Computer Software related topics.Unlike Engadget and Techcrunch which covers every single product that’s coming out everyday, these guys over at GA focuses and reviews only on the best product which everyone’s interested.

They also cover pretty cool sections like the best Firefox extensions and best Windows software downloads.The Firefox extension article was very interesting to checkout.Here I was able to find pretty cool Firefox extensions like Adsense notifier ,Nightly Tester Tools and many more which you might not have heard till now.They have also given an excellent review for Blaze Media Pro which is a powerful all-in-one audio and video converter.

Gadget Advisor is an upcoming gadget blog worth checking out regularly.You can subscribe to their latest news by feed or email news letter.