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Social networking has played a great toll in revolutionizing the online world.One of the major reason being that this social networking phenomenon was most rapidly and immediately adopted by young people.Hundreds of specialized community sites are catering to the web audience of all ages, but Facebook,MySpace and Orkut are the unchallenged leaders.Whether it is maintaining and enhancing existing relations or making new friends online, social networking sites play an increasingly important role in the way people keep in touch and organize their social life.

image Thoughts.com is a unique community of bloggers that are gathered together for interaction, networking and basically for any social purposes.They gives users the ability to create blog, upload videos and pictures and create albums, host podcasts, polls and forums all on their servers.These users can make their Blog more creative and can be beneficial to public,professional institutions and to society as a whole.


Unlike Blogger,Flickr or Facebook,they have found a different way which covers all the basic areas and offers pretty much all social networking and community features – blogs, pictures and albums, videos, polls, forums and personalized profiles to manage all the users.There is a pretty huge directory of blogs and the users can browse them at ease by either choosing from the top 100 blogs or the lately updated ones.They also offer unlimited bandwidth for your photo albums and video hosting.There is also an active thoughts.com forum on the site, discussing a wide-range of topics like current news, entertainment, lifestyle, politics, writings and much more.They are also having a high user base of more than 70,000 and posting over a variety of topics.

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Thoughts.com offers a lot of services to its members and and constantly improving, its a site definitely worth checking out.If you are still confused of where to start then take a tour of their webpage here.