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UcWeb TeaShark Network Error Airtel Free GPRS [Solution]

Checkout these Posts if you have not got an idea on how to obtain free GPRS using Airtel Live.There are two ways for free internet using Airtel Live,first is by using Teashark browser and other by using a Teashark alternative called UcWeb.

Common errors seen while using Teashark and UcWeb are:

Network initialization failed –Teashark browser (NOKIA 5310 XPRESS MUSIC)

NETWORK FAILED TRY AGIAN LATER – Teashark/Ucweb Browser (Motorola V3i ,moto L7)

Network error – Nokia 5310

Solution:only in such cases where UCWEB is a Java version, UCWEB network in the normal after the end of the page will be part of the data stored in the RMS cell phone space, the next time you start when the local RMS directly from the phone to read the data space, UCWEB to speed up the startup. RMS space when the phone is too small to end this part of the first page stored data, data overflow will occur, resulting in the failure of data, so every time you start to initialize UCWEB go to re-obtain the required data pages.

Subscribe to packet data first – Teashark

Solution:Activate your Airtel Live first by calling the customer care.Don’t worry,its free of charge.Then make sure you have a balance of Rs.15 or more.Then restart your phone (Imp).

Operation Failed Error in UcWeb while accessing Free GPRS in Airtel Live


1) in the choice of storage path, the general does not allow cell phones to choose the root file system, we must choose to go to a subdirectory, or download can not be successful, it is limited by the phone’s file system.We recommend you to choose the phone card, select the directory card are no restrictions.
2) MOTO phone will not authorize such a situation, due to the specificity of MOTO models in the use of JAVA program can not access the phone’s file system, so it can not be used UCWEB direct download, but can use its own browser to download (Menu -> Settings -> Settings -> Download type -> choose to bring their own browser); upload can not be the same.

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