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How To Search For Particular Text Inside Multiple files In a Folder


Searching for files inside a folder is very easy in Windows Vista or XP.But to search for a particular text, string or words inside text files in a folder can be very tricky.Its very difficult to look for particular text inside files if you have lot of files with many sub directories.

After coding a site inside my local server I wanted to replace all “localhost/site” terms to “domain.com”.I was looking for “localhost” word inside my server folder which had around 57 other files.First I tried to find that word using windows search and like most of the time,it gave me no results.I then queried my problem into Mr. G and found a software called PRGrep which is a free utility which allows you to search for a word or phrase in a single or multiple text file.


Advanced features of PrGrep.

  • Supports text search in files which are located in subdirectories.
  • Multiple File search both text and binary.
  • Search in the sub-directories with customizable level of sub-directories
  • Filter on the files names
  • Export your search result in .csv,.txt, excel and xml format.
  • Allows you to open the files which are found in search result directly from the application in one click.
  • It uses Grep utility which is one of the most advanced search function used for same purpose, the results are very accurate.

Download PRGrep [5.71Mb]

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  • Joey March 3, 2009, 2:03 pm

    Nice one. Thanks for the info, it will go a long way in solving my problem.

    I have a storage capacity of about 1000 gigs and lots of files and folders. Many times I forget where I saved a particular file.

    Thanks once more