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How To Setup Adsense For Domains in Godaddy/Sedo Parked Sites [Tutorial]

Adsense for Domains has finally come alive for every international publisher.Before Adsense for domains was available to big parking companies like Sedo and Godaddy who had thousands of domains parked  under them.Few months before(on dec 2008) Adsense for parked domains was rolled over to U.S publishers and by now it has started accepting international publishers as well.

Google Adsense Logo Adsense For Domain Logo

If you are having several unused domains which is getting some traffic from public directories, then you could display Adsense ads on them instead of showing useless “under construction" page or 404 error.AdSense for domains provides links, search results, advertisements and other content using semantic technology targeted to the domain name.This will be very much useful for most domain flippers who buy and sell names. They can now "park" sites, and develop content in the form of Google ads, to generate income and increase the value of their virtual real estate.

Quickly Setup Adsense For Large Number of Parked Domains In Bulk [Godaddy]

This quick tutorial will show you how to setup “adsense for domains” in your unused websites and monetize them to make money.

Changes to be made in Google Adsense Dashboard

1)Log in to your Adsense account and select Adsense setup and choose Adsense For Domains.

2)Click the + Add new domains link, which will take you to the Add Parked Domains page.


3)Add all the parked domains on which you would like to display Adsense ads.Checkout the format for bulk uploading domains.You can also change the color and add optional keyword hints for every domain.

Changes to be made in Domain registrar[Godaddy] settings

1)Log in to your Godaddy account and select “Domain Manager”.

2)Select the domain that you’d like to use with AdSense for domains and click the Total DNS Control And MX Records.

3)Now you have to change the CNAME field and the A record field.

Adding CNAME record.

Create a new CNAME record with the following details

‘Host Name’ =  www
‘Points to Host Name’ = pub-xxxxxxxxx.afd.ghs.google.com  (replace pub-xxxxxxxxx with your original adsense pub id)



Adding A Record Add a new A record with the following details.

‘Host Name’ =
‘Points To Ip Address’ =


Create other three 3 A records with the following IP address.,, and as shown below.



Now you have successfully changed the registrar settings required for AFD for a single domain.If you are having more than 10 parked domains then it would become a tedious job to change the settings for each of these domains one by one.So to bulk edit all the domains at once,you will have to export the settings via the Export/Import option in the Godaddy control panel.


Before importing the Adsense settings to other parked domains you will have to delete the existing “www” field in the Cname records.After modifying your registrar’s settings, your domains should automatically move from the Pending subtab to the Active subtab as soon as the records validate (usually 48 hours or less).

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    I’m going to be trying out google adsense parking as soon as my subsription runs out at godaddy cash parking. I was taking a look at google’s example page and really like how they made it look just like thier search results. I don’t make much on cash parking, but i’m sure the layout of google’s parking is going to incrase my revenues.

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    Web Panel on GoDaddy is different and can't seem to find where to edit the DNS.

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    sir i not understand submit adsense domain in godaddy can you submit more detail with picture

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    IF you are hosting with someone else, the TotalDNS link won't be active, but you can use any GoDaddy hosting account including a "Free" one which they often include with a domain name purchase.

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    what is orginal godaday ip?
    how to restore orginal settings?

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    You've explained about setting parked domain on godaddy with google adsense for domain. It is great explanation, but then now the question is: HOW TO CONFIGURE google adsense on SEDO?

    Currently I already have godaddy for my parked domain which contains google adsense and I want to try by trasferring to Sedo


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    Hi, aside from .co.cc, is there other site to get a free domain so I can set up adsense for Domain? Please reply at orlanemic25@yahoo.com, Thanks…

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    They are so helpful. I am new at this and they are very patient as iam a very doubtful by person. If it will be some other hosting companies like cashparking.com they will suspend my account…Unlimitedgb.com is great..!!!

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    How many revenue I get through adsense for domain?.
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