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Update Your Status Message on Multiple Social Networks Simultaneously

If you are a social media addict,you will know that one of the major features of these social networks are updating the status messages.Updating your status message across different social networks is definitely a boring job unless you are a die hard “networker”.

Supported Hellotxt PlatformsHellotxt is one such service which helps you to update your status and read your friends’ status messages across services, such as Facebook , Twitter and other medias, simultaneously and almost instantaneously.

Features of Hellotxt

>Updates your status across different social networks by

  • Sending an Email to a personal email address
  • Email/MMS enabled phone
  • Sending SMS to your Personal SMS Gateway
  • Just by calling a number and saying your status.

>Not only update your status but also read your friends status as well.

>Develop a new application using their API.

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