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Download Opera Fingertouch for UIQ 3 [Opera Mobile 9.5 b2)

Download the latest Opera Mobile Fingertouch for UIQ3 mobiles phones.Opera Fingertouch browser has been released only for the UIQ phones.The main advantage of this Opera Fingertouch is that it provides visual feedback when you hit a link, and assists you when you come across multiple links or other selectable elements in close proximity to one another.

As the touch screen generation is getting very popular these days ,these type of browsers provide an added advantage to make web interaction easier and comfortable to its users.Opera Fingertouch Mobile browser is completely finger compatible and stylus free.

Opera Fingertouch  just works perfectly for my Sonyericson P1i

UIQ3 P1i Opera Mobile Fingertouch Opera Mobile Fingertouch in P1i

Working on Online forms through Opera Mobile 9.5 Fingertouch edition.

image image image

Release Version :Opera Mobile 9.5 b2 UIQ

Official Opera Website

Download Opera 9.5 Fingertouch (4.16 Mb)


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  • Anonymous March 31, 2009, 8:11 pm

    Facebook works great with opera fingertouch….started loving my p1i again