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Airtel Digital TV With Widgets Review

Airtel-Digital-TV-WidgetsWidgets on Airtel Digital Tv DTH service has been launched quite recently.Airtel has introduced this cool feature to its Digital Tv service by which you can get widgets on most channels by pressing widget button on the remote.

Widget is an exciting feature which gets you the information you want -on demand without moving away from what you are watching on TV.These widgets gives various information’s like stock exchange,weather report and also the latest news updates.This new innovative technology will bring digital lifestyle applications offering interactivity and personalisation into the living room.

 widgets-on airtel-tv

Widgets appear like small box in the right corner of your Airtel Digital TV while watching your favorite programs.These widgets could be opened using Widget button on your remote and closed by the exit button.

The stock updates are much accurate and when markets are open, looks like it gives live stock information.You can also pick what stocks you want to see data for.For this go to the widgets and select personalize stocks and choose the ones you need to track.There are several categories in Airtel Tv Widgets such as WorldTime, Indian Stock Updates,Global Stocks,Bollywood, Latest News, and Sports.


Airtel had entered into partnership with Infosys Technologies Limited to deliver superior customer experience to the customers of Airtel digital TV, its Direct-To-Home (DTH) TV service last year itself.Airtel’s digital tv technology along with Infosys’s digital convergence platform will bring interactivity and personalization to applications in the living room.TV-viewers will now be able to access local city information through interactive applications such as iCity, enjoy Internet-like experience on their televisions with iNet, and get live and personalized stock quotes, breaking news, horoscopes, cricket scores and shopping deals in the city without interrupting their TV-viewing experience.These information’s are now made possible though widgets within the TV.Airtel digital TV customers will also have select websites packaged suitably for TV-viewing, in an application called tPortal.

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