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Combine Wolfram Alpha results With Google

Wolfram Alpha is an interesting online experiment that answers factual queries by compiling, crunching and displaying the world’s data.Instead of showing web pages that might contain the answer to your query like a search engine(Google),Wolfram Alpha tries to find an answer directly by executing its Mathematica code.Wolfram Alpha is said to be written in 5 million lines of Mathematica code and runs on 10,000 CPUs.

wolfram logo

If you want to combine your Google search result along WolframAplha,then install this firefox addon that embeds Alpha’s results straight into Google queries.

To know more about this “Wolfram Alpha Google” Firefox addon checkout these screenshots.

 mc donalds google wolfram search result

ney york population wolfram google

wolfram google

Install Wolfram Google addon from mozilla addons page.