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Download Multiple Files from Megaupload,4Shared,ZShare,Easy-Share,Netload and Hotfile


Most of the file hosting websites do not allow to download more than one file at the same time for a free user.It determines the I.P address of the user and limits the I.P address to download only one file at a time.RDesc is a new program which allows you to automate and  simultaneously download multiple files from Megaupload,4Shared,ZShare,Easy-Share,Netload,Hotfile and much more.

RDesc Features

RDesc is a freeware utility which automates download of files from multiple hosts as a free user. This software automates the whole process of waiting and downloading files from these hosts for users without premium account.It also allows to download a list of links without any user intervention.


Supported Host:

Its main features are:

  • Allows downloading of multiple files from several hosts automatically and simultaneously.
  • Has the ability to add all links that are contained in a web page just by typing the address of that page.
  • Inbuilt feature for automated router reconnection needed for getting fresh IP to bypass download limits.
  • Has the option to shutdown PC automatically after completion of task.
  • Auto-captcha decoding.
  • Keep statistics on the number of links downloaded, time spent, average speed etc, all the downloads.

Requirements Of Rdesc

Supports Windows XP and Windows Vista.
Requires Microsoft. NET Framework version 3.5 or higher

Download Rdesc [English translated] Original

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    can't download many files from hotfile.com….help