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HTML5 Plays Video Without Flash Player

The next revision of HTML,[the HTML5] includes several new tags for embedding video and audio content in web pages.HTML 5 is said to become a game-changer in Web application development.


Now the most common way of publishing video content is by using flash.The user must have the flash player installed in order to view the video.Flash video uses massive amounts of processor time and slows down everything else on your computer.

The new tags introduced in HTML5 such as <video> and <audio> will allow you to view/play videos inside the browser without installing flash player.

For example,for embedding a video in your webpage just call the video file within <video> and </video>.

<video src=""></video>

You can also provide additional attributes like autoplay,width,height,autoloop etc.

Currently supported browsers include Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome and Safari 4.

Checkout the HTML5 demo pages set by Youtube and Dailymotion.

YouTube’s HTML5 Page [it’s so similar to old flash based player and you need to check the source code to know you were using a different player.]

Dailymotion HTML5 Demo