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Difference Between iPhone 3GS vs Ordinary iPhone 3G

The long awaited Apple iPhone 3G-s has finally revealed at Apple’s WWDC conference by Phil Schiller.The 8GB iPhone 3G released last year will sell alongside the iPhone 3GS with a price drop and that too at a cheap rate tag of $99.iphone 3gs

The latest Iphone 3Gs 16GB version is available for $199 and 32GB model is available for $299.But you can expect an additional increase to this standard price by your provider (seems like AT&T is selling this new version at $599 for the 16GB and $699 for the 32GB model.WTF!)

Difference between iPhone 3Gs and Ordinary iPhone 3G

iphone 3gs vs iphone


The two main physical difference between iphone 3gs and iphone 3g is camera and memory.Camera of  iphone 3g s outstands iphone 3g with it’s 3mp camera alongwith autofocus and video recording.The inbuilt memory has increased from 8GB to 16/32GB in the latest model.

Other features of iphone 3gs include

Processing Power- The ‘S’ in iPhone 3G S stands for SPEED.With the help of new built-in processor, launching applications and rendering webpages are much faster.

Connectivity – The ‘S’ also stands for faster 7.2 Mbps 3G connectivity.

Battery Life – The battery life has increased upto 50% from the previous one.

Digital Compass – It has a magnetometer, which works with a Compass application and is integrated into the Google Maps application.

Voice Control – Voice commands for calling people,selecting songs and much more.

Price – $199 for 16GB version & $299 for 32GB version.