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Norton Antispam 2009 Not Working Problem [Solution]

After my previous post on Norton Antispam 2009,found that many users are having trouble configuring it.How to check whether your Antispam software is working or not?

norton antispam doesn't work

Norton AntiSpam 2009 Problems

Norton Antispam is not automatically filtering spam.

All spam stays in the regular inbox and none of them is moved to the antispam folder.

After updation Anti-Spam module in NIS 2009 empties only one half of the spam from the Norton Spam folder in Outlook Express.

norton internet security


Possible Workaround solutions

1)Antispam’s client integration to Outlook must be turned on. By default it is turned off.

2)Try an update for your norton antispam 2009 and check whether problem has solved.When NIS 2010 is released for resale, customers with an active subscription for NIS 2009 will be able to update to NIS 2010 for free. The remaining subscription time will be applied to NIS 2010.

3)If above update doesn’t work then try these steps.

1. Turn Off Antispam (Settings->Antispam)
2. Reboot the Machine
3. Turn On Antispam.Open Outlook (Antispam will be integrated with Outlook and Antispam Plugins will be added to the Outlook toolbar)
4. Now try to Empty the Spam Folder by clicking the ‘Emtpy Spam Folder’ plugin.

4)Try deleting the third-party plug-ins in Microsoft Outlook.

5)Certain ISP’s recently have defaulted to using encryption for emails, and NIS does not currently support scanning or AntiSpam on encrypted emails.

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  • Anonymous August 6, 2009, 8:19 pm

    Running Windows XP SP2 Media Edition, Outlook XP, with NIS 2009. Upgraded to NIS 2009 from 2007.

    none of the mails are moved into spam…and norton antispam fuction is not at all working…wtf