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How to Check which applications are currently using Internet Connection

spywares-secret-internet With crapwares bundling into almost every free application,the computers infected with viruses,keyloggers and trojans are increasing day after day.These malicious softwares come bundled with certain genuine applications and are installed along with it without the knowledge of the system administrator.These keyloggers or trojans secretly connect to the internet in background without permission and download unwanted files.So it’s better to have an internet  monitoring application which logs every attempt made by your system to connect to the internet.

Check which software’s are using internet connection secretly

Here are some softwares capable of checking which applications are currently using Internet.

1)NetLimiter 2 Monitor (Free)

NetLimiter is an ultimate internet traffic control and monitoring tool designed for Windows.It shows in real time which applications are connected to internet secretly.

applications connected to internet

Features of NetLimiter 2 Monitor

Network monitor :NetLimiter 2 shows list of all applications communicating over network it’s connections and transfer rates.Network Statistics: This feature lets you to track your internet traffic history since you’ve installed NetLimiter 2. NetLimiter 2 is able to automatically export statistical data to disk.


To see which all programs are connected to internet,you also use a program called TCP-view from Microsoft sysinternals.


Take a note of the programs which are using internet connection while the system is idle and make a search for those file names using google,to check for previous virus history.Note:svchost.exe is not a virus,it’s a system task.

3)If you are a bit geeky ,then you could use a method I had mentioned previously in one of my older post.It uses command prompt to find out which application secretly connect to internet.

Download TCP-view

Download Netmonitor