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Best Rootkit Removal Tools For Free

rootkit protection tools removerRootkits are now one of the most feared type of malware. These rootkit consists of one or more programs designed to obscure the fact that a system has been compromised.They usually hide these Trojan horses which can quietly take control of your PC.In this post, we will discuss some of the best rootkit removal tools which are provided for free by its developers.

Slow running computers, unwanted ad popus, website redirection, browser hijacking can all be signs of a rootkit present in your computer. Special rootkit removal softwares are also needed to detect them. Since rootkits are designed to hide from users they also hide from most antivirus and antispyware software. Checkout the below list of free rooktit removal tools.

Best Rootkit Removal Softwares

1) McAfee’s Rookit Detective

McAfee Rootkit Detective Beta is a program designed and developed by McAfee Avert Labs to proactively detect and clean rootkits that are running on the system.Actively detect the system objects like processes, files and registry that are hidden to the user.

rootkit remover from mcafee

Download McAfee’s  Rootkit detective here

2) Sophos Anti-Rootkit [Free]

Sophos anti rootkit is a free rootkit detection and removal tool.Detects and removes any rootkit that is hidden on your computer using advanced rootkit detection technology.

Download Sophos antirootkit here

3) RootRepeal – Rootkit Detector

RootRepeal is a new rootkit detector currently in public beta. It’s an easy to use tool and is able to detect all publicly available rootkits.

Download Rootrepeal rootkit detector. [direct link]

4) Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is an utility designed to remove all types of infections from your computer. This Removal Tool implies effective algorithms of detection used by Kaspersky Anti-Virus and AVZ Antiviral Toolkit.

Checkout latest version of this removal tool here

5) Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

microsoft remover tool

Normally, this removal tool is downloaded via Windows Update and runs silently in the background to check for infections on the computer. It runs a quickscan for the worst infections, but what if you would like to use the removal tool to run a more thorough scan of your computer.

Check Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool here

6) Panda Anti-Rootkit and latest USB vaccine

Panda Anti-Rootkit shows hidden system resources, identifying known and unknown rootkits. It analizes hidden drivers, processes, modules, files, registry entries, SDT modifications, EAT hooks, modification to the IDT, non standard INT2E and SYSENTER, IRP hooks.

Download Anti rootkit removal tool here

Download Panda USB Vaccine.

7) Sysinternals Rootkit Revealer [for advanced users]

rootkit revealer

More complex and an advanced rootkit detection utility.To scan a system launch it on the system and press the Scan button. RootkitRevealer scans the system reporting its actions in a status area at the bottom of its window and noting discrepancies in the output list.

Download Sysinternals Rootkit remover

8) IceSword

Tools include a special process viewer, startup manager and port enumerator that are not fooled by rootkits.Not really detectors, offer a set of tools that can help reveal the presence of a rootkit.

Also checkout the ones we have already covered in this site.They are

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  • Anonymous October 16, 2009, 8:31 pm

    Found different two rootkits(names were both 8.3, random letters and numbers, file type *.sys)

    how to remove?

  • George December 1, 2010, 12:04 pm

    I vote for Sophos 🙂