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Track iPhone Location Realtime with InstaMapper

iphone location tracker InstaMapper is a free iphone application which allows you to track your i-phone location online in realtime. The phone you’re tracking will be instantly shown as a moving dot in the map, and the positions can be set to update as often as every 5 seconds. You can embed this map with your current location into your facebook profile as well.

iphone location on map in realtime

We had previously reviewed iLocalis and ihound software’s, which helps you track your stolen iphone for free. Instamapper is also basically a GPS tracking service and can also be used for locating lost iphones as long the GPS Tracker application is running. The location data stored could also be accessed programmatically via an API.

How to track iphone location in realtime

First of all, create an account with Instamapper. After activating your account, log in and add a tracking device. After adding your iphone, you will be given a 13 digit device key.[note it down]

Install GPS tracker application from app store and start the application. Enter your 13 digit device key, and leave the other settings as default and click save.

iphone location tracker

Login to your account and see the location of your iphone on the map. You can also share this map with your friends or embed it in your blog.To do this, login to your account, click on "Devices" at the top of the screen, then click on "sharing" next to the iphone whose location you want to share.Even if you’re having an old iphone without GPS then location is approximately found via cell tower triangulation.

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    Cool application to have if you lose your phone :p