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Win32 Sality Removal Tool

sality removal tool free download  Win32 Sality virus mainly spreads though removable medias like the usb flash drives and external HD’s. This virus are is known as the variant of “new folder” virus and are capable of replicating itself into every folder inside the hard disk. The Sality Removal Tool is mainly designed to scan and kill win32.sality virus and does not offer removal of any other variants.

Download the following three files ( rmsality.exe, rmsality.nt, rmsality.dos) and save in the same folder.Or download the zipped version of all three files from here. Run the rmsality.exe file as an administrator (in windows vista and windows 7) to start the tool for scanning.

This tool was developed from AVG to scan for threat and remove sality. If you are still unable to remove Sality Virus checkout my previous post on removing khatra.exe and ghost.exe virus which is also comes under the same Sality variant.

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  • Viruslist.com November 5, 2009, 11:47 am


    Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Joiner.q aka win32/sality.f

    Virus.Win32.HLLP.Rosec aka w32/sality.c

    Virus.Win32.Krepper.30760 aka w32/sality.h