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Free Download Internet Phone Full Version

internet phone download  Free download Internet Phone full version of Globe7 v9.1. Internet Phone softwares like Globe7 are free applications which allows to make free calls across the world. These software’s are mainly used for making free pc to pc calls.

Globe7 is a free downloadable internet phone application which converts your PC into a secondary telephone for making free calls to PC, mobile and even landline. This voip software allows us to make voice calls, chat, conference chat and even a whiteboard to personalize the text with different colors, fonts, pencil and others.

internet phone dialer

Although similar to Skype, the latest version of Globe 7 has been enabled with widgets like live tv, live radio, games, news, videos, movie trailers and even jokes. With the live tv widget, you can watch hundreds of free to air tv channels from your pc absolutely free. Another feature which most of us would love is the games widget. This allows us to play interactive games like cross words, puzzles etc.

globe7 phone widget

Features of Free Internet Phone Globe7

  • Allows free PC to PC calls and also cheaper mobile and landline calling facility.
  • Free Chat with other users with a variety of fonts and emoticons.
  • Conference chat allows us to chat with a group of freinds.
  • Option to send file directly to other users online or offline.
  • Share photos and videos with friends.
  • Add widgets like live tv, live radio, news, movies, sports and forex.
  • Send SMS to mobile phones directly from internet phone software.
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Linux

How to install Internet phone software

Download the latest version from this page or use the direct links provided at the bottom of the post.

Install the Globe7 internet phone software

After installation, you will having the default widgets like Phone, video, games, SMS and My channel.

To install more widgets, just click the ADD button and then click on the link to download the widget to your globe7 gallery.

To make mobile calls use the phone widget.

free phone

How to make Free calls using Globe7 ?

Participate in the sponsor’s promotion program and complete the offers to obtain free talktime in your account.

Download Internet Phone globe7 full version.

Free Download For Windows | Linux | Mac | mobile

Summary : Free Download Internet Phone Full Version