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Free Mobile Video Chat For Symbian Phones

mobile video chat sis symbian free download imiChat, an instant communication application brings free video chat on mobile phones, and PC’s. This freeware application allows free mobile to mobile video chat and also mobile to pc video chat with other users live on the imchat system.

The only requirement of Imichat is symbian phone with a mobile network connection. The video quality is somewhat average, and we can’t expect to have a hq video quality on a mobile internet connection. This mobile video chat software currently works only with symbian phones.

mobile video chat symbian mobile to mobile video chat free

Features of imiChat : Mobile Video Chat application

Free video calling software for mobile and PC

Works on Symbian phones

Option to switch Rear and Front cameras

Could be used to make free PC to phone calls and pc to phone video chats.

Should have either GPRS, 3G, Wifi Network connection.

How to Video chat using Mobile with Imichat

Download the free application for mobile from the imichat website.

Register and login to live video chat with your friends on mobile.

To turn video on or off, after launching imiChat, change ′Video Chat Settings′ in ′Settings′. During chatting, press ′ 1′ to turn on and off video and key ′ 2′ to switch between front and back cameras.

* Mobile video chat uses a lot of bandwidth, so it’s better to use this application if you’re having a unlimited data transfer plan.

Supported phones : Symbian · S60 V5, S60 V3, S60 V2

Latest supported models are Nokia N96 , , N95 8GB , N95 , N93i , N93 , N92 , N91 , N91 8G , N85 , N83 , N82 , N81 , N81 8G , N80 , N77 , N76 , N75 , N73 , N71 , E90C , E71 , E70 , E65 , E63 , E62 , E61 , E61i , E60 , E51 , E50 , 6290 , 6220c , 6210s , 6120 , 6120c , 6110n , 5700xm , 5320xm , 3250 SGH-i560 SGH-i550 SGH-i450 SGH-i408