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How To View All Blocked Contacts in Gmail

gmail unblock contacts One of my friends recently emailed me asking how to view the list of blocked contacts in his Gmail chat account. He had blocked almost all of his senior co-workers so as to hide from them whenever he’s online in gtalk chat at work time.

gmail block contact

Blocking a contact in gmail chat is pretty easy. All you need is to hover mouse over the contact name and click ‘Block’. But to find the list of all contacts that where blocked in chat is not possible in Gmail. You’ll have to go through every contact you think is blocked and then unblock them.

But there is a small trick to find all the blocked contacts in gmail and then unblock all of them in seconds.

Install & Run Google Talk.

Go to the settings and click on “Blocked” menu from left.

google talk chat settings

You’ll be able to see the list all the contacts who were blocked Gmail chat.

Click on the contact name and hit unblock. Done 🙂

list of blocked contacts in gmail

With this trick, you could easily view which gmail contacts are blocked and then unblock them easily. I wonder why Google has not yet added this feature directly into the Gmail.

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  • Nanjangud December 27, 2009, 5:49 pm

    Wow.. I had seen such thing in Yahoo messenger and GTalk.. I did not knew that you can see this in Gmail too..

    Good find.. Thanks..