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2 Ways To Send Fax From iPhone

fax-on-iphone Need to send fax immediately ? Just do that from your iPhone! Send and receive fax directly on your iphone using these applications.

Sending fax from iphone is very simple nowadays. Just take a photograph of the document using iphone camera and use these free online fax services to send it straight from your phone itself.

fax collage

If you find these steps complicated, then use this ready made iphone app for sending fax directly from your phone.

finarXFax- This iphone fax application has an integrated image processing feature which corrects the image and if needed converts into a faxable black and white document. You can fax text documents, photographs, pdf files, and other documents formats like MS Word or excel or even a new photo from iphone cam.

fax from iphonefinarxfax 

For using this application, you need to have an account with interfax or sipgate. To get a free test account contact interfax and just mention “finarX fax promotion”, desired username and your email address. You will receive an email with the password for your new account.

Checkout finarXfax or go directly to appstore