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Hack for Reading Wall Street Journal Online for Free

wsj hack Read protected contents of Wall Street journal online for free using a small browser hack. WSJ locks certain articles and only a preview is available for unsubscribed readers. With this WSJ hack, every one can read full articles at WSJ for free without any payment or subscription.

I was reading an article on Digital Inspiration on how to access online newspaper for free using the "First Click Free" program. This method is effective but takes some effort and time if you want to read multiple protected articles at a stretch. So if you’re a regular reader of WSJ, use the simple hack given below for reading WSJ as a subscribed user for free.

This WSJ hack works by using a Firefox addon called RefControl. This addon just fakes the referrer information and tells ‘Wall street journal’ that you are always coming from google news.

 wsj before hack wsj after hack

How to use this Wall Street Journal hack for reading full protected contents for free.

Install RefControl in Firefox.

In Firefox click “Tools” and select “Refcontrol Options”

In the Refcontrol Option Box, click add site.

wall street google news refcontrol


In the “Site:” text box add online.wsj.com and then select custom and insert http://news.google.com as shown above.

Also make sure to enable Refcontrol, otherwise this hack won’t work. For enabling, just right click refcontrol menu in the FF status bar and select “enable”.

Now you can access all articles in WSJ for free without subscription.

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  • Timmy January 8, 2010, 7:38 pm

    Thanks for the trick…really awesome.