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Kaspersky Antivirus Blocks Youtube Videos [Solution]

kaspersky block videos Do you have a problem streaming videos online from sites like youtube, metacafe, veoh etc. Have you installed Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet security lately ? If you have an ‘yes’ answer to both the questions then it’s very likely that your anti-virus may be blocking YouTube videos and hence not playing.

Several cases have been reported that antivirus like kaspersky and Mcafee are blocking streaming contents and due to this problem you can only view videos after fully downloading the entire video. To confirm whether Kaspersky actually blocks streaming videos, temporarily disable the antivirus and try playing the video. If youtube video plays without any problem then you can be sure that kaspersky is causing this problem.


[Black screen while playing videos from youtube and not streaming]

Solution to play online streaming videos without disabling or uninstalling kaspersky antivirus.

Run Kaspersky and select web antivirus in Protection section

Select Configure and click customize.

On the General Tab, click ‘Use Streaming scan’ —> OK

Restart browser.

Now onwards you will be able to play youtube videos without any problem from kaspersky.

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  • SHADOW February 14, 2010, 1:46 pm

    This solution will work for KAV or KIS version 6,7 maybe 8 also but what about KAV or KIS 2010 i.e. version 9…

    In order to solve this issue in KIS 2010; I disabled the Heuristic analysis under Web Anti-Virus (For more info try looking for Heuristic analysis OR Heuristic problem solving).

    Goto Web Anti-Virus
    |-> Under Security Level
    |-> Click on "Settings"
    |-> Untick the option for Heuristic analysis.

    This solved my issue.

    Hope it would be helpful.