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Download Latest UCWeb Browser 7.2 [Translated]

Download the latest Chinese mobile browser UCweb 7.2 final edition with a lot of additional features and enhancements.

This latest version of UC browser has a lot advanced features like built in theme manager, file saving feature to save files and pages offline, photo upload, mouse type browsing etc.

ucweb 7.2 ucweb browser download


Download the translated version of UcWeb browser 7.2 with different servers added for different regions.

Other features

New Feature:
1. New Mouse mode feature.
2. New Photo upload feature.
3. Added context menu to copy feature the entrance of the right-click menu can be used anywhere Copy.
4. Optimize the download function, to solve the original case which could not be downloaded.
5. Optimization of scaling mode operation display.
6. Optimization of zoom mode, to save traffic.
7. Optimization of the control display, such as the input box.
8. The focus moving speed by optimizing long.
9 Optimize WAP site CSS Effects.
10. Optimization of bookmarked pages back into the main menu, exit

Download UCweb 7.2 final [India]

or Download the International version [U.S edition]