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Free International calls to Pakistan and SriLanka 2010

free voip deal pakistan Make free international calls to Pakistan and Sri Lanka with FreeVoipDeal. This international voip company allows users to make free calls up to four hours by paying flat fee of 10 Euros/month.

This deal is one of the cheapest available for making calls to Pakistan at a rate below 5cents per minute.

Other destinations allowed in free VoIP deal are given below.

  • Egypt 
  • Egypt Mobile
  • Serbia 
  • Montenegro
  • Iran
  • Ukraine
  • Sri Lanka
  • Pakistan Mobile

free international calls destination list

You can make 240 minutes free calls with Voip deal with these methods.

Download the free FreeVoipDeal from this page. [or use this mobile app available for iphone, nokia, android and windows mobile]

After installing, you can make call either by entering his freevoipdeal username or desired phone number and press enter.

The destination number should be in this format – “00 + countrycode + areacode + subscribernumber”