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Free Download Rockplayer for Samsung Galaxy [Android 1.6]

Rockplayer is an advanced audio/video player for android phones. It supports almost all video formats like Divx, mkv, avi, rmvb, wmv etc. Download Rockplayer for Samsung galaxy for free.

rockplayer galaxy i7500

RockPlayer has been optimized for different Android devices. To maximum the performance on different CPU, it is available as three variants: ARMv7, ARMv6_VFP and ARMv6.

android robot This mobile application supports two playback modes: Normal Mode and System Mode. In Normal Mode, RockPlayer will use the playback engine built inside the player, which supports almost all video formats with good enough performance. System Mode means RockPlayer will invoke the playback engine built-in Android system, which support very limit formats but may take advantage of hardware acceleration, which means saving battery.

Advantages of Rockplayer

It plays almost all video formats as on your PC.

Higher image quality and better resolution with full screen option.

Has the option to save battery by running in system mode.

Resume playing, subtitle support, battery prompt over the video view.

Download Rockplayer for Samsung Galaxy i7500 [also other ARM6 android phones running above android 1.6]