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How to Remove McAfee 2010 Antivirus Completely [Tools]

mcafee-removal-tool If you’re facing difficulty while trying to remove McAfee antivirus 2010 completely for migrating to other antivirus products like Kaspersky 2011 or Norton 2011, just use this special McAfee software removal tool.

VSCleanUp tool is a special utility which removes McAfee Antivirus 2010 completely from our system.

Download VSCleanup tool from the link provided to your system.

Double click on the downloaded VSCleanuptool.exe – Mcafee removal software.

mcafee 2010 complete removal tool

The software will calculate the required time for cleaning up Mcafee installed files, and will be shown in the MCafee removal tool window.

Once you run this software, you could see several files being created in the folder where you download this clean up tool. Out of this 10 files, 9 will be deleted once the McAfee software has been completely removed from and the system and rebooted.

After the successful removal of Mc Afee antivirus software, you’ll see a message as shown below.

“The machine must reboot to complete the uninstallation. Reboot now?[y/n]”

Enter Y and press enter to reboot your PC and finish the complete un installation of McAfee Anti virus 2010.

If any problem occurred with the uninstallation, and some registry values of McAfee are still left in your system, then download another utility called MCPR.exe.

Download MCPR.exe and run the software. [Check my old post for using this tool to remove McAfee products completely]

Once the actions are performed, Macafee cleanup tool will ask you to reboot your PC and complete the removal of Mcafee products.

Download VSCleanUp Tool

Download MCPR.exe 

mcafee cleanup tool 2010