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Free Chrome OS Notebook from Google

chrome netbook free Here is a chance to test drive the Chrome OS based Notebook for free from Google. Chrome team is running a small pilot program in which they are giving out limited number of Chrome OS Notebooks for free beta testing.

test drive google netbook

The link to test drive chrome notebook was surprisingly shown in my chrome browser on opening a new tab. Here is screenshot of chrome netbook ad shown in my browser.

free chrome notebook

The chrome OS beta testers will receive special notebook called the Cr-48.  This device was designed by an unnamed manufacturer and will not be sold as an actual release product. This device will be just to fine tune the Google chrome OS user experience.


mkbst5Features of Chrome Notebook

  • 12.1 inch screen
  • No built in disc drive [could be connected through USB]
  • Powered by Intel processor
  • Built in 802.11n Wi-Fi 3G
  • 3G connectivity via a Qualcomm modem
  • Weighs 3.8 lbs.

For receiving the free Chrome Notebook, you’ll have to provide an US address and should be atleast 18 years old. Click the link mentioned below, and fill out the form.

form for free chrome notebook

Follow this link to apply for free chrome notebook review piece.

Or visit this page, but here, you’ll have to be more specific about why you need the device and mention additional details.

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  • Anonymous December 9, 2010, 11:53 am

    i am in india can i get chrome notebook