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Free Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 Download with License activation code

Kaspersky antivirus 2011 free license keyKaspersky Antivirus 2011 is one of the popular and most widely used antivirus across the world. This antivirus software package which would normally cost $39 is now available for free download with 6 months license activation key. Read below steps to get Kaspersky 2011 antivirus free of cost.

Kaspersky antivirus 2011 is now available free of cost through a promotion by Malaysia IT fair. You can download KAV 2011 with 6 months free license key.

Go to the promotional page on Facebook.

Like the page, and fill in the form and click submit.

You’ll receive the free Kaspersky antivirus 2011 license activation code along with the download link in your email.

This offer is available only to users who have not used any trial activations on KAV 2011. In case, you’ve used up your 30 day trial activation, then remove it using any kaspersky 2011 trial resetter programs.

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To activate Kaspersky 2011 antivirus at time of installation, you’ll have to select “Activate Commercial Version” option in the KAV configuration wizard.

Enter the free KAV 2011 serial key, which you got in email and click NEXT. Your Kaspersky product will be activated free of cost.

kav 2011 download

Features and Benefits of KAV 2011

  • Realtime protection against viruses and malware.
  • Advanced antimalware technology allows you to install kasperksy even if system is virus infected.
  • Heuristics-based analysis monitors, restricts and blocks suspicious program behavior.
  • Rescue CD for restoration
  • Scanning of OS and apps for vulnerabilities.
  • Protection of digital identity,

Kaspersky antivirus 2011 is compatible with Windows XP[SP2], Win Vista and Win 7 all editions with 512 Mb of RAM and above 800Mhz processor.

Hurry up, download KAV 2011 with free license code before the offer ends.

UPDATE : 26th May 2011

You can now get 1 year free license code for Kaspersky security suite CBE which is the actually the rebranded version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011.

Follow the below mentioned steps to get free activation for Kaspersky 2011. You’ll have to request for free license code every 3 months for 1 year for continuous protection.

Register a free account from this website.

 kaspersky 2011 free license

Use the above image [english translated] as a reference for registering. Agree to terms and click ‘Register’ or’ ‘Registrieren’. I personally recommend using Google Chrome browser as it will automatically translate the page to English.

Click on the Confirmation link which is sent to your email to complete registration.

Login to your account at this address.

Make sure to select check box which reads “Persönlichen Lizenzschlüssel anfordern oder verlängern” and click on “Lizenzschlüssel anfordern” link.

The free license key for Kaspersky 2011 will be send to your email. Since this key is used for german language of Kaspersky CBE 11/10, you’ll have to do some language hack to make the key work for Kaspersky Internet Security 2011.

First of all, install Kaspersky Internet Security.

Make sure you don’t select ‘Protect the installation process’ while hiting on the next buttons during installation. [This is very important]

During the installation, “Copying new files” message will be displayed and the progress bar will be in the middle. At this stage click ‘Cancel’. One pop up will be shown “Are you sure you want to cancel installation…”. Don’t click anything. This is done to temporarily stop the installation and make time to do the hack.

Download this cbi.dll file

Now go to Program FilesKaspersky LabKasperky Internet Security 2011 folder in your computer or the path where you are installing kaspersky 2011.

Copy the cbi.dll file which you downloaded and replace it.

When it’s done, continue the kaspersky installation by clicking “No”.

After finishing the installation, a configuration wizard will open up. Select Activate commercial version and enter the license key which you got by email.

Click Next and your Kaspersky 2011 activation will be successful. You can use this key for 3 users. After the key gets expired, you can login to the same link i gave above and request a new key for free.

Thank you for reading this long. Enjoy the activated Kaspersky 2011 version absolutely free for 1 year.

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