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Protect USB devices from Virus Infected Computers by writing dummy file

usb drive protected Protect your USB device from virus infected computers with a small utility called USBdummyprotect. Even though it’s not an antivirus, it protects the usb drive by writing a dummy file which takes all space and leaves no free memory for virus to write into it.

We have already covered many software’s which removes virus from USB, but this utility makes sure that no virus enters your pen drive without your permission.

Tip: Protect PC’s from virus by preventing autorun.inf execution

How to Protect USB drive with USBdummyprotect.

  • Copy the software into your USB drive.
  • Execute the file from USB in a virus free environment. [for eg, your PC.]
  • It will create dummy files and takes all free space in your drive.
  • Put the usb drive in any virus infected PC’s and your drive will not be infected.USB dummy protect


  • This utility is helpful only if you want to read data from USB.
  • Doesn’t work if more than 4GB free space is available on FAT drive.

Download USBdummyprotect [4.1KB] [Official page]

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  • Sean December 7, 2010, 10:59 pm

    I found this article to be a very interesting find! Thank you for sharing with us!