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Trick To Bypass MegaVideo Time Limit

megavideo hack MegaVideo is one of the popular video sharing websites which allows users to watch and share online videos. Only problem with it’s service is that there is a 72 minute time limit and after that you’ll have to wait a certain amount of time to resume the video playback. In this post, I’ll mention few tricks which can be used to bypass MegaVideo time limit.

megavideo time limit bypass

MegaSkipper, an online service allows you to remove the time limit restrictions from megavideo and watch videos for more than 72 minutes without any breaks. Previously, I’ve mentioned about downloading from megaupload without limit, but for megavideo use the below mentioned trick.

How to Bypass Megavideo Streaming Time Limit

Go to MegaSkipper.

Enter the URL of the megavideo clips you want to watch.

megaskipper trick

Hit the watch button and your video will be opening in a separate player znd watch the full length megavideo videos without any time limits or interruption.

If you’re a Google Chrome user, you can download the chrome extension for MegaSkipper. Using this extension, you can watch videos directly from megavideo for free without restrictions.