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Find Peak Hours of Your Websites with Google Analytics

find peak hours Want to know the peak traffic hours of your websites? This data can be easily found out from your Google Analytics dashboard by following some simple steps.

These data can also be very useful when you’re switching your hosting since the downtime during the off-peak hours will not considerably affect your visitors and also the revenue.

Tip: Compare WebSite Performance over time

How to find the peak hours using analytics

Login to your Google analytics account.

Select the website profile you need to find the peak hours.

analytics peak

On the left side, click the visitors menu as shown above.

visitors trending analytics

Now, select “Visitors trending” under Visitors menu.

Under this menu select “Visits”. Now notice the trend graph shown near to it and to the top-right of the graph, you will see a small timer icon which on hover mentions ’hour’. Click the icon same as show below.

website peak hours

Now you can see the peak hours of your websites and also the off-peak hours for the selected date range.

In these off peak hours you can do some live design experiments on your websites without causing much problem to visitors.

During the last month, the peak hour of this blog was 20:00 hours, and the off-peak hour was 05:00. Would you love to share yours too, I’d love to hear them!

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  • Vi May 9, 2011, 1:14 pm

    Did you find where it possible to see this information in new google analytics?