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Calculate the Time Needed to Crack your Password

password strength checker Want to the calculate the time needed for an average PC to crack your password? Checkout some online tools which will check the strength of a password and tell how much time it takes for a hacker to crack it.

1) How Secure is my Password

This online tool will tell you how long it would take an average computer to crack your password using brute force method.

password security

As per this site, it would take a hacker 28 million years to crack my Google account password. Good enough, eh?

2) Password Meter

Password meter shows how strong your password is based on variety of parameters like number of characters, symbols, upper cases, consecutiveness, sequences etc.

testing password online

More complex the password is, more points you get. And for every repeating and consecutive chars, you obviously get deductions.

3) Microsoft Password strength checker

This tool from Microsoft just calculates the strength of your password and classifies them as weak, medium, strong and best.

microsoft password strength 

If you are finding it hard to remember complex passwords, grab a password manager which can take care of your passwords across all the browsers.

Note: The online tools mentioned above calculates the strength of the password you enter within your computer and is not send over the internet.